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[...]   There is salvation in none other, for neither is there any other name under heaven, that is given among men, by which we must be saved!”   [...]

Acts of the Apostles: chapter 4, verse 12

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Claude Lysias au très excellent gouverneur Félix, salut !
Actes des Apôtres, Chapitre 23, Verse 26
Très excellent Félix, tu nous fais jouir d’une paix profonde, et cette nation a obtenu de salutaires réformes par tes soins prévoyants
Actes des Apôtres, Chapitre 24, Verse 3
Je ne suis point fou, très excellent Festus, répliqua Paul
Actes des Apôtres, Chapitre 26, Verse 25
“Claudius Lysias to the most excellent governor Felix: Greetings.
Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 23, Verse 26
When he was called, Tertullus began to accuse him, saying, “Seeing that by you we enjoy much peace, and that excellent measures are coming to this nation,
Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 24, Verse 2
we accept it in all ways and in all places, most excellent Felix, with all thankfulness.
Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 24, Verse 3
But he said, “I am not crazy, most excellent Festus, but boldly declare words of truth and reasonableness.
Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 26, Verse 25