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[...]   He said, “The Jews have agreed to ask you to bring Paul down to the council tomorrow, as though intending to inquire somewhat more accurately concerning him.   [...]

Acts of the Apostles: chapter 23, verse 20

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Il giorno appresso, Agrippa e Berenice vennero in gran pompa, e, entrati nella sala d'udienza coi tribuni e co' notabili della città, Paolo, per ordine di Festo, fu menato innanzi.
Atti degli apostoli, Capitolo 25, Versetto 23
Le lendemain donc, Agrippa et Bérénice vinrent en grande pompe, et entrèrent dans le lieu de l’audience avec les tribuns et les principaux de la ville. Sur l’ordre de Festus, Paul fut amené.
Actes des Apôtres, Chapitre 25, Verse 23
So on the next day, when Agrippa and Bernice had come with great pomp, and they had entered into the place of hearing with the commanding officers and principal men of the city, at the command of Festus, Paul was brought in.
Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 25, Verse 23